2014 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

How Well Does Your School Perform in Preventing the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
Based on 2013-14 Data on Ohio Advanced Report.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

2014 Report

When it comes to preventing
the School-to-Prison pipeline,
Ohio Schools are failing!

The school to prison pipeline starts with the suspension and dismissal of students who are often times sent home from school for non- violent and subjective offenses. Students are suspended as early as pre-school and unfortunately suspensions are being handed out in a racially biased way.

The Ohio Department of Education produces an annual report card with numerous measurements, but school discipline is not one.  A school discipline report card is an important measurement to have because parents need to be informed about this performance factor when choosing a school to place their child in. In addition, policy makers need access to this information so that they can make changes in the operation and practices of their schools.

“Blacks who dropout have a 70% chance of going to prison.  Students who have one suspension in 9th grade are only half as likely to graduate. The school-to-prison pipeline has been clearly demonstrated.”      Professor Emeritus Vernellia Randall , The University of Dayton School of Law

The Ohio School discipline report card is based on 3 components: expulsions, subjective behavior, and racial disparity.

  • Exclusions: Exclusion is the combined rate of out of school suspensions plus expulsions plus a penalty for suspension in pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade, as well as in 7th through 9th grade.
  • Subjective behavior: Schools received a grade if they had a large portion of exclusions for inappropriate discipline and non-violent behavior that is subject to individual comfort level and biases.   The subjective behavior  grade was based on the percentage of exclusions that was for disruptive/disobedient behavior plus a penalty for exclusions for truancy and for use of tobacco.
  • Racial disparity is the difference in exclusion based on race. In this report it is measured by dividing the rate of the racial group with the highest exclusions by rate of the racial group with the lowest exclusions.

The school discipline report card is a tool that will educate the community, provide a tool as to how a school district is performing on the school to prison pipeline, and it will allow the community to compare one school against others. This school discipline report card will be done on an annual basis..

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