2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

How Well Does Your School Perform in Preventing the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
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2016 Report



 Exclusion Grades: Exclusion is the combined rate of out of school suspensions plus expulsions plus a penalty for suspension in pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade, as well as 9th grade.  Grades were assigned based on exclusion score. Grades were assigned to encourage less overall exclusion rate, no preschool to 3rd grade exclusion and lower 9th grade exclusion. The average exclusion grade was 48. The median grade was 50. The maximum grade was 100. The minimum grade was 0. 126%. (128) school districts earned a A or B grade and 64.2% (713) school districts earned a D or F.  A greater portion of charter schools (23.4%/389) were graded 100 than public schools (4.8%/614). That is, charter schools were 5 times more likely to have little or no exclusions. Urban schools graded lower than other public school district types. For more information, http://bit.ly/2e9EEPL

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