2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

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Of the 1110 School Districts,  794 (71.5%) submitted information regarding exclusions of kindergarteners.[1]

The average kindergarten exclusion rate was 5.6 up .7 points from 2013.  Half the school districts had exclusion rate below 0.0.   In fact, 409 (52%) reported no exclusions of kindergarteners. The highest exclusion rate was by Star Academy of Toledo with 212.30  exclusions per 100 students.


Kindergarten Exclusion Rate 
Rate per 100 Students- 2014-2015

2016 Ohio School Discipline Report
Organization Type N Mean Median Minimum Maximum
STATE 794 5.60 0.00 0.00 212.30


Exclusions includes the combination of expulsions and out-of-school suspensions.  Exclusions are the rate per 100 students.  That is, if a district reported ten exclusions, that means there were ten exclusions per 100 kindergarteners. 

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