2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

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Subjective Behavior Discipline Grade




 Exclusion for subjective behavior and many other non-violent behavior should be limited. The Subjective Behavior Discipline was defined as disruptive/disobedient behavior, harassment/intimindation and unwelcome sexual conduct. The occurrence was added to together in addition penalty for exclusions for use of tobacco and truancy was added to the score. This initial score was divided by total exclusion occurrence to calculate s percentage. A grade from 0 to 100 was assigned. The lower the percentage the higher the grade.

Subjective Behavior Discipline Grade



Subjective Behavior Discipline Exclusion Occurrences - Total



Subjective Behavior Discipline Exclusion Percentage



Subjective Behavior Discipline Exclusion Rank


 534  / 1110













Selected Exclusion Occurrences               

Disruptive / Disobedient Behavior Exclusion Occurrence73
Harassment/intimidation Exclusion Occurrence0
Unwelcome sexual conduct Exclusion Occurrence0
Truancy Exclusion Occurrences0
Use of Tobacco Exclusion Occurrence0











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