2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

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IRN: 011444

Organization: Community (Charter) School  
Ohio Public School Typology:




Overall Grade



Letter Grade:F
Numerical Grade53
Rank182   / 1110







Exclusion Grade




 Exclusion includes both expulsions and out-of-school suspensions. The exclusion grade was calculated by (1) adding the rate for out-of-school suspension to the rate for expulsions. In addition a penalty was added for preschool through 3rd grade exclusion and 9th grade exclusion. A grade from zero to 100 was assigned with the lower the rate of suspension/ expulsions the higher the grade. A rate is per 100 students.


Exclusion Grade 60
Exclusion Score 15.6                     
Exclusion Rank 475 / 1110


Overall Exclusion Rate5.6 per 100 students
Preschool Exclusion Rate per 100 students                     
Kindergarten Exclusion Rate per 100 students
1st Grade Exclusion Rate per 100 students
2nd Grade Exclusion Rate per 100 students
3rd Grade Exclusion Rate per 100 students
9th grade Exclusion10 per 100 students














Subjective Behavior Discipline Grade




 Exclusion for subjective behavior and many other non-violent behavior should be limited. The Subjective Behavior Discipline was defined as disruptive/disobedient behavior, harassment/intimindation and unwelcome sexual conduct. The occurrence was added to together in addition penalty for exclusions for use of tobacco and truancy was added to the score. This initial score was divided by total exclusion occurrence to calculate s percentage. A grade from 0 to 100 was assigned. The lower the percentage the higher the grade.

Subjective Behavior Discipline Grade



Subjective Behavior Discipline Exclusion Occurrences - Total


Subjective Behavior Discipline Exclusion Percentage


Subjective Behavior Discipline Exclusion Rank


 1110  / 1110













Selected Exclusion Occurrences               

Disruptive / Disobedient Behavior Exclusion Occurrence
Harassment/intimidation Exclusion Occurrence
Unwelcome sexual conduct Exclusion Occurrence
Truancy Exclusion Occurrences
Use of Tobacco Exclusion Occurrence












Racial Disparity in Exclusion Rate




A racial disparity rate was calculated for Exclusions. Exclusions include out-of-school suspensions and expulsions. . A rate was calculated using the race with the highest rate and the race with the lowest rate The lowest of the rate was divided into the highest of the rate. If the lowest rate was 0 than the highest rate was divided by .1  If school had only one race than no racial disparity rate was calculated.

Racial Discipline Disparity Grade70
Racial Discipline Disparity1.69387755102
Racial Discipline Disparity Rank119 / 1110


How to read: In Rushmore Academy (2016),  Highest Exclusion Rate: Multiracial students had 119 times more suspensions than Lowest Exclusion Rate: White.


Highest Exclusion Rate: Multiracial
Lowest Exclusion Rate: White
Single Race: No




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Minority Student Percentage




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Contact Name:  Steve  Vanderhoff,  Superintendent


{Address:  AS}

City/Town: Marion

County: Marion

ZipCode: 43302


Phone Number:(740)3872043


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This report is based on the most recently posted data (2014-2015) on Ohio Department of Education website, Ohio Advanced Report, http://reportcard.education.ohio.gov/Pages/Power-User-Reports.aspx  as of June 1, 2016.


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