2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

How Well Does Your School Perform in Preventing the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
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Fairfield Local

William Garrett, Superintendent

11611 State Route 771

Leesburg, Highland County, OH 45135

Phone#: (937) - 780-2221

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IRN: 47621

Organization Type:    Public District

Ohio Typology:          Type 1

Grade: D

Score: 66.0

Rank: 95 /1067

Exclusion Factor

Score   73.4

Rank    520/1067

Exclusion includes both expulsions and out-of-school suspensions. The exclusion grade was calculated by (1) adding the rate for out-of-school suspension to the rate for expulsions and assigning a grade from zero to 100. The lower the rate of suspension/ expulsions the higher the grade. (2) subtracting a penalty for the rate of exclusion for preschool to 3rd grade and (3) subtracting a penalty for the rate of exclusion for 7th grade through 9th grade.

Subjective Behavior Factor

Score   20.0

Rank    468/1067
Exclusions include Expulsions and Out-of-School Suspensions. Exclusion for subjective behavior and many other non-violent behavior should be limited. The Subjective Discipline grade was calculated by assigning a grade from 0 to 100 for the percentage of disciplinary occurrences that were based on disruptive/disobedient behavior. Up to 20 points were deducted if the district had any exclusions for truancy or use of tobacco. The maximum possible grade was 100 and minimum was a -10.

Racial Disparity Factor

Score   80.0

Rank    79/1067

A racial disparity rate was calculated for Exclusions. Exclusions include out-of-school suspensions and expulsions. . A rate was calculated using the race with the highest rate and the race with the lowest rate The lowest of the rate was divided into the highest of the rate. If the lowest rate was 0 than the highest rate was divided by zero A grade was assigned based on that calculated rate. If a school had no racial disparity rate it was assigned Р0". The choice to give those schools a zero was done to not-privilege the lack of diversity or the failure to report.

2013 Data

Exclusion Factor

            Overall OSSE 1 Rate 2                        5.7

            Preschool OSSE Rate                         !NULL

            Kindergarten\OSSE Rate                   {1.3             1st GradeOSSE Rate                           1.3

            2nd Grade OSSE Rate                         3.5

            3rd Grade OSSE Rate                         4.0

            7TH Grade OSSE Rate                       3.6

            8TH Grade OSSE Rate                       6.0

            9TH Grade OSSE Rate                       14.3

Subjective Discipline Factor

            % Disruptive/ Dsobedient Behavior 3              63.4%

            OSSE for Truancy                                                       No

            OSSE for Use of Tobacco                                           No

Racial Disparity Factor            OSSE Racial Disparity Ratio 4                          1.2

             Group with Highest Rate                                 Multiracial


             % Minority Stdent Population                                               2.4%

            % Economically Disadvantaged Student Population             35.0%%



OSSE means "Out-of-school suspensions and expulsions."


Rate means is a ratio calculated by the Ohio Department of Education that allows compaison between population sizes. Here, the rate is the incidence or occurrence per 100 students.


Percent of Disruptive/Disobedient Behavior from the total discipline occurrences


A ratio was calculated based on the highest and lowest disciplinary rates based on race. The higher rate was divided by the lower one. Some districts did not have a calculated rate because they are either reported no information or they reported only one race.

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