2014 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

How Well Does Your School Perform in Preventing the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
Based on 2013-14 Data on Ohio Advanced Report.


  Exclusions include Expulsions and Out-of-School Suspensions. Exclusion for subjective behavior and many other non-violent behavior should be limited.   The Subjective Discipline grade was calculated by assigning a grade from 0 to 100 for the percentage of disciplinary occurrences that were based on  disruptive/disobedient behavior. Up to 20 points were deducted if the district had any exclusions for truancy or use of tobacco.   The maximum possible grade was 100 and minimum was a -10. 

Of the 1067 School Districts,  

  • 429 (40.2%)  received a zero grade or lower 
  • 200  (18.7%) received the grade of 100.
  • The mean grade was 30.9
  • The median was 20.0. 
Number Minimum Maximum Median Mean
1067 -10.0 100.0 20.0 30.9


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