2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

How Well Does Your School Perform in Preventing the School-to-Prison Pipeline?
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2016 Report



 Subjective Behavior Discipline Grade: Schools received a grade if they had a large portion of exclusions for inappropriate discipline and non-violent behavior that is subject to individual comfort level and biases.   The subjective behavior  grade was based on the percentage of exclusions that was for  disruptive/disobedient behavior”, “unwelcome sexual conduct” and “harassment/intimidation”.  plus a penalty for exclusions for truancy and  use of tobacco.  There were 1110 schools. On a scale from 0 to 100, half the schools had a grade at or below 6. The average grade was 13.1. The minimum grade was 0 and the maximum grade was 100.  Only 1.6% of the school districts received an “A” and 91.8% of the school districts received an “F” with 48.2% (537) receiving a zero.  When it comes to not disciplining based on subjective behavior – Ohio Schools fail.  Since subjective behavior discipline is open to cultural misinterpretation and implicit bias, it is not surprising that Ohio has a high rate of racial disparities. For more information see, http://bit.ly/2elQcx2

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