2016 Ohio School Discipline Report Card

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Racial Disparity in Exclusion Rate




A racial disparity rate was calculated for Exclusions. Exclusions include out-of-school suspensions and expulsions. . A rate was calculated using the race with the highest rate and the race with the lowest rate The lowest of the rate was divided into the highest of the rate. If the lowest rate was 0 than the highest rate was divided by .1  If school had only one race than no racial disparity rate was calculated.

Racial Discipline Disparity Grade70
Racial Discipline Disparity1.69387755102
Racial Discipline Disparity Rank119 / 1110


How to read: In Rushmore Academy (2016),  Highest Exclusion Rate: Multiracial students had 119 times more suspensions than Lowest Exclusion Rate: White.


Highest Exclusion Rate: Multiracial
Lowest Exclusion Rate: White
Single Race: No


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