Brotherly Love Rites of Passage

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Who We Are

Racial Justice NOW! (RJN) is a community based, grassroots org led by parents pushing back on dehumanization in education.

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Members of Brotherly Love had a summer full as they got introduced to Rites of Passage programming.  Parts of the programming were dedicated to five focus areas:

1. Character Development

2. Safety and Situational Awareness

3. Physical Fitness/ Physical Development

4. Problem solving/ critical thinking skills and

5. Leadership through study of historical examples.

Students have participated in a series of brainteasers, image analysis, scenarios, and physical activities to test their ability to work together, be consistent, assess situations and safely avoid conflict and mental or physical harm. They have also received quotes and proverbs to analyze and relate to their lifestyles and develop a set of guiding principles to live by.

Our Instructors from Reawakening the Afrikan Genius Mind have been an incredible resource and have built a tremendous bond with the members of Brotherly Love.

Through the five focus areas, Racial Justice NOW!  and Reawakening the Afrikan Genius Mind are helping members of Brotherly Love leave childhood and enter into manhood. Maturing into manhood in today’s society as an African American or a Black boy is no small task. There are numerous challenges in society and a whole pipeline to prison set up to counter programming like ours. With a continued commitment to our youth, RJN! is confident that we will have a bright future in these young men.


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