Racial Justice NOW! quoted in the Washington Post about Police Free Schools

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Racial Justice NOW! (RJN) is a community based, grassroots org led by parents pushing back on dehumanization in education.

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A county pulled police from schools six months ago. Now it wants to bring them back.

“Less than six months after Maryland’s largest jurisdiction pulled police out of its public schools, officials are weighing a plan that would bring officers back into school buildings, reviving a testy debate in the liberal county over school security and student well-being.”


Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, a co-founder of the activist group Racial Justice Now and parent of a second- and ninth-grader in the school system, agreed. “It just seems like MCPS caved too quickly, and despite the fact that they haven’t done what they needed to do around increasing the mental health support in the schools,” she said.”


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Montgomery County debates the return of police in school buildings after Magruder shooting – The Washington Post


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