RJN! Director participates in three day learning exchange, hosted by the Praxis Project in Houston, TX

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Racial Justice NOW! (RJN) is a community based, grassroots org led by parents pushing back on dehumanization in education.

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Racial Justice NOW! Director, H.A. Jabar, attended a three-day learning exchange in Houston, Texas hosted by the Praxis Project. This learning exchange was a part of an initiative to support grassroots organizers as full partners in national efforts to improve health through building community power.

Grassroots organizations were brought together from across the country to share expertise, build relationships, encourage collaboration, discuss tools and experiences, and engage in capacity building opportunities. Organizations were grounded in one of the following fields: early care and education, family supports and economic justice, housing injustice, or utility justice. The strength of the learning exchange was built upon collective wisdom and authentic lived experience. Attendees were from the entire nation and were a mix of race, culture, and ethnicity.

On day one organizations were able to introduce themselves to one another, share some of the highlights of their work, and dialogue over dinner. On day two participants attended presentations on non-profit board development, communication strategies, and how to institutionalize an organization. The third and last day was about culture and how it was embedded into the work that was being done.

“Racial Justice NOW! is a much better organization due to this learning exchange and the knowledge gained that we will bring home and include in our future planning.”                 Hashim Jabar, Director Racial Justice NOW!

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