With Advocacy from RJN!, Montgomery County schools set to reopen without police

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Racial Justice NOW! (RJN) is a community based, grassroots org led by parents pushing back on dehumanization in education.

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A new WashingtonPost  article documents the end results of Racial Justice NOW! DMV’s advocacy work. The struggle to remove police in schools has been a major fight in Montgomery County, Maryland and throughout the state.

Racial Justice NOW! DMV! testified at board of education meetings, organized parents and community to advocate with state reps during the state legislative session, and partnered with local and regional organizations to secure police free schools in the county.  While the work is not over, the Washington Post shed lights on police free schools in Montgomery County, Maryland.

For first time in 19 years, Montgomery County schools set to reopen without police


August 25, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. EDT

For the first time in 19 years, students at Montgomery County public high schools will not see police officers stationed in their school hallways on Monday when classes begin, the result of a vigorous, years-long debate over racial equity and student safety in Maryland’s largest school system.

Instead, groups of police called “community engagement officers” will be patrolling the areas around schools, said James N. D’Andrea, chief of staff to the superintendent, in a board of education meeting Tuesday.


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